Create catalogs and presentations…it’s easy.

Build your own
targeted catalogs and
sales presentations


Fast and easy to create targeted sales and marketing material.
Provides customers with timely, relevant product information.
Saves on printing and mailing costs.
Robust enough to create professional grade material without getting a designer involved.
Automated layouts for large product lists.

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Update catalogs with a single click

One-Click Catalog Update allows you to update products with a click of a button! With one click, you can add UPC codes and update retouched images.
Having a sale? With another click, you can add the sale price.Contact us to learn more!

Here's what satisfied customers are saying:

"Active Merchandiser has been a great tool for MWCBK. I use this tool to build my own catalog for specials throughout the month that we want to post on our company website. This tool allows me to lay out the pages just as I want and include any information I would like about the particular items. The tool is very user friendly and can help grow anyone's business. "
- Stephanie Dunn, Midwest-CBK


Empower your sales reps, designers and customers.
Stay in control of your branding, but give your web users the ability to create their own focused, personalized product presentations for their customers.
Simplified interface. Your web users will be able to create their product presentations in 3 easy steps.
Easily integrated into any website.

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"…the create express has been absolutely invaluable! I noticed it was just improved recently, offering us the ability to type in a whole list of sku's at once, instead of searching them one at a time. I thought it was great and efficient before, but even better now! I am just entering an order for $2K from a customer that I prepared a pdf for over the weekend, summarizing everything she liked from our meeting on Friday. She thinks I am a technical goddess and I got a nice order out of it! It is such a great asset!"
- Kristen Kreider, Paragon Pictures